Wertheim SE2000 Deep Clean Carpet Shampooer Review


Hello! International Grandad Max here from NZ! Purchased the Hoover Gladiator device! Finest thing I did following the Hoover vac I purchased. ( visit vac inspection ). The carpet shampoo system includes a mobile off machine foundation automobile, drapes, drapes and some other thing which could be shampood kit. Stairs a cinch with miniature drive head kit! Just draw back is that you won’t believe just how much. Crap you suck and wash from your carpeting etc! Needed to perform them 3 days for them back to okay Level of wash. Also you’re aware how many fleas creatures and pet it eliminates. Can walk on rugs right after beverage / vac style! Dries very quickly following! Being a farming place I am in using tourists individuals creatures out when the home, I really do them after a month today! The pricey hand woven carpets I have clean without a issue! They make a fantastic team to cope to your house cleaning needs! Buy one. Better get .

I purchased this to wash carpets that hadn’t been achieved for around 4 decades,old worn carpeting and also for the large part it attracted them up like fresh .It too drys out the carpeting out quite well in the event that you have some opportunity to discuss it a couple added days as soon as you’ve cleaned them.Also the extra bonus of this wash option. Additionally, I did my mums carpeting considerably newer along with a thick stack and they did seem just like new.


Other then I am able to ‘t come simple. I also buddies coming ro my location. They adore my own carpet cleaner.

It’s currently March 2017. I barely used it, possibly 10 times maximum. It introduced a burning odor and ceased working I had been advised that the engine had replacement and since it had been out of guarantee, I had to cover.

I’d paid $649 with this system and I expected to acquire over 10 uses from it. Hoover expect me to cover the new motor since it’s out of guarantee. An excellent product shouldn’t break down as it had hardly any usage. The simple fact that the engine has gone today shows me Hoover no more make quality solutions. Quite disappointed with this service. I’d love to have this chance to thank Godfrey that are fixing it for free once I bought a new automobile.

Footnote: The engine has been fixed and Hoover can simply offer you a three month guarantee. Says a great deal! In 3 weeks I would use it around once.

Having bought a home with light-cream coloured rugs – substituting them with something much less likely to grime stains (four children!!) Was high in my list of forthcoming outlays, In an effort to postpone this cost, I did a small study of steam-cleaners – been broadly dis-satisfied together with the consequence of specialist services on previous homes (. Badly & , the expert providers only wish to receive the wash & done , and put on another paying occupation – that they don’t have enough time to wait to deal with obstinate dirt/stains). The evaluations of the machine made me to choose the somewhat costly punt and I am rather happy to say it is a winner. I’m simply surprised by what a fantastic job it has done in my rugs – to this extent that I am very comfortable placing buying new rugs to the base of my to-do listing. I enjoy that it’s here in my disposal, instead of hiring. Just ‘drawback ‘ I could think of (thus far) is that the frequency of water filling – out however I am cool with this. It’s ‘s not a industrial system (I wouldn’t need to need to manage or store among these machines). Highly suggested.

Toilet training our brand new indoor puppy has been carrying a glimpse on our beige colored rug, so I made a decision to put money into the Hoover Gladiator after a research up of exceptionally favorable reviews. Our carpeting was dry cleaned around five decades back and were looking exhausted and needing refreshing. Well allow me to say this shampooer did a stunning job of eliminating old spots and revitalising the carpet fibers together with all the rotating brush heads as great as any expert support. The advantage of doing this yourself also means that you have enough time and may choose the attention to move furniture and also maximise the regions you would like to wash.

The device is lightweight, nicely designed, includes upholstery and stair attachments which do a fantastic job. But, remember it’s a domestic version not a commercial component. Please be mindful that has a great deal of plastic structure to reduce weight and price. Provided that https://cleanthiscarpet.com/ you’re vigilant to completely wash out the device of clumps of carpet fibers throughout and following use, this device will provide you years of hassle free service and maintain your house rugs, auto rugs and upholstery looking clean and clean.

Depending on the fantastic reviews and magnificent special cost at Godfreys I purchased on of them and from jingo I am happy with that. The hand nozzle and fixtures are extremely convenient, it’s an adequate length cable along with the suction looks sufficient to suck most of the water. For stains I pre-soak using Agar non-toxic detergent in a 1:4 dilution at a spray bottle, make for a couple minutes and provide it a functioning over with all the hand tool and hose. For general cleaning use precisely the identical Agar detergent at the tank. All of the fittings go to a bag that clips on the grip and it comes out for cleaning that’s good.

I wondered exactly what the skilled machines utilized and it seems much over the Hoover. They’ve onboard water heaters, even bigger tanks and likely increased suction although the Hoover only uses warm water from the tap (simple!) And increased suction doesn’t imply that the carpeting get that cleaner since it’s your detergent and water that does the job.

Whilst you can probably imagine, I’m fairly pleased with my buy. Well completed Hoover!

Pay the cash and purchase. I have mild rugs toodlers pets and each mark potential. Took care of all easily. Really like this!! Better than employ cleansers. I’ve tried everything imaginable and that defeats alot.

The Gladiator is a good cleaner I had a Bissell previously however, that the Gladiator is much outstanding Id will ‘t believe just how much grime it eliminates it keeps coming . It’s ‘s also hardy and user friendly as well as also the tanks Areca descent dimensions much enjoy other machines. In addition, I adore the beverage function.

My spouse & I remain youthful & harbor ‘t bought a home yet so we’re stuck in leases, that equals alot of carpeting. We’ve got pets with pets come pet spots. We bought the Hoover Gladiator on particular ($399) via Godfreys (worst customer support representatives ever!) A couple of weeks back as a result of continuing expenses of leasing the Rug Doctor system out of Bunnings within the last 5yrs. I’d like to believe that Rug Doctor was still a fantastic machine but just like others rug cleaners that the stains would constantly return after the rugs had fully dried. I just had to examine the rugs once and also the spots will be 100% gone and the comprised ‘sterile sheet ‘ detergent smells great! The machine has different water tanks that’s far better compared to my mums new top of the lineup Bissel that employs an inner liver system, therefore that she must throw detergent down the drain to completely empty the dirty water. Additionally the Hoover is light so that it’s so easy to drive around. Cleaning all of the removesble components is actually simple too & it came with many attachments too for cleaning beds, rugs ect. . I discovered people excellent for cleansing my chair cushions. Highly suggest this rug cleaner to everybody & only don’t be duped by Godfreys attempting to re create their particular new ‘Wertheim’ for youpersonally on take residence lay-by. Stick together with Hoover.

I bought this carpet cleaner have discovered it to some very effecient rug cleaner. It’s excellent to have it in your home so that it could use it any moment.

Since it could possibly be a terrific Shampooer while it continues. . Only after two decades and only been applied in 1 area as the remainder of the home is floor planks it began draining. . . Difficult to think a system still being marketed and no components. . In stating this Hoover have stated they’ll provide a fresh machine.

This only paid for itself in 1 use. The rug looks fresh! It truly pulls on the muck outside, even after a few moves the dirt keeps coming. Very simple to set up and consumer friendly. I enjoy the way the electricity wash head could be removed and fully cleaned (no bothersome residue or fluff trapped inside there later ). Got this available from Godreys.

Purchased this now and my couch looks better after a expert steam wash. It’s mild and simple to use along with also the attachments are fantastic. The gladiator does exactly what it says. Only disadvantage is I need that the water catchment were larger. The Hoover cleaning option also smells fantastic!

That really is excellent – I have just recently moved into a home with carpeting, and the carpeting was propounded until I transferred (4 weeks back!) . I really do have two really hairy dogs too. However, the dirt that this brought up was completely black! I really like that you can decided to use the shampoo or merely wateras that actually helps. It’s good extraction and my carpeting dried very fast. The small tools are excellent also. Pretty simple to fill up and vacant. I’m quite satisfied with the buy! I’d my mattress too – just how disgusting that has been!! Again, only dark black and brown came up.

I have recently bought the newest Hoover Gladiator Carpet Shampooer – my spouse believes I have gotten obsessed. What a wonderful machine! I’d rate it in 100/100. Incidentally, if you would like to save on carpeting – the 5lt. Container of Agar Exit at about $32 in Godfrey’s is still a fantastic product – smells great too!

We purchased this in Godfrey’s throughout their after Christmas sales. We had an extremely old business grade carpet shampooer that expired, which looked like a fantastic update without having invest in the large end of this marketplace.

First off, I would state that this system really works much better than our previous "industrial " grade washing machine. I would like ‘t understand if technology is becoming better over the past 10yrs or that, but I certainly say that this pulled up more dirt.

Among the advantages of this device is the brushes that wash the carpet proceed in a round rotating movement, meaning they’re constantly connected with the carpet in any way times. Rather than various other components which have a barrel turning brush that just contacts the carpeting after, as you operate the vacuum back and forth.

The device includes a manual trigger which lets you control if water has been sprayed on the carpeting. The suction is strong and can eliminate the majority of the water which goes down, which means that the carpeting aren’t abandon really wet and drying period is significantly decreased.

The accessories that come with the device are extremely useful, using a little hand electricity scrubber and lots of different accessories for cleaning items such as stairs, furniture etc..

My sole criticism of this machine (and I’m mentioning that coming from our prior experience using a commercial grade equipment ) is the water tank(s) are modest. One of our rooms would be a huge area of about 9m x 4.5m, and also for me personally to wash this (taking my own time, spraying water and scrubbing correctly ), I likely needed to fill out the tank (and empty the septic tank) approximately 7 days. That said. That’s a massive area, which really is a "national " unit, also there needs to be a trade off somewhere. I understand Hoover can’t look a national unit using a 40L tank. However, I’m mentioning that as a merely be aware – depending on the dimensions of your residence and the chambers, you could possibly be making regular trips to clean and clean the device.

Bearing that in mind – draining and refilling the device is quite straightforward, with the two tanks being in a position to readily be gotten rid of and clicked back into position.

I’m nevertheless score this 5 stars however, as though it’s a little "annoyance " (for me) needing to refill that lots of times, how this system cleans greater than makes up for this. Our rugs are close new , and you may just "sense " just how much cleaner they’re.

With this particular machine – you can get your cash ‘s value.


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