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How to End the Flaccidity that Appears when Losing Weight?


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Hydration, both internal and external, is very important to avoid the ravages of flaccidity. Drink at least two liters of water a day and prioritize the use of moisturizers. Having a molded body and ending flaccidity is perhaps one of the most difficult things to achieve, since it is necessary to make several efforts and be constant to achieve good results. Often, the flaccidity appears before a sudden change of weight, because the skin or the muscles lose tension. This is a product of the degradation of the collagen and elastin fibers, responsible for tonicity and firmness throughout the body. One of the main causes of this aesthetic problem is to undergo strict diets that involve losing weight in a short time without allowing the skin to adapt appropriately to it. Therefore, as a way of prevention, experts recommend losing weight in a moderate way and with a plan that includes a good exercise routine.

But, if it is too late to lose weight and tone at the same time, there are some methods that can help to diminish the loose skin to improve its appearance and end flaccidity

Modify the Power

This recommendation is the number one to end the flaccidity and avoid the constant changes of weight effectively. Not taking a healthy diet makes any other effort to improve the figure is in vain, because it requires certain nutrients to achieve good results, as well as eliminate those foods that cause fat accumulation. Consuming healthy foods, low in saturated fats and sugars contributes to improve overall health and maintain the firmness of the skin.

Localized Exercises

When losing weight quickly it is very easy to notice the flaccidity in parts of the body such as the abdomen, buttocks, legs and even arms. To start reducing it, one of the most effective ways is to practice localized exercises to work each affected area.

  • Abdomen: The classic abdominal are usually done, but other more general exercises that involve keeping the abdomen contracted, even indirectly, also work.
  • Buttocks and legs: They go together since; in general, they work with the same exercises. Squats. The most popular and one of the most effective are squats.
  • Arms: The most effective exercises are those of lifting weights or others that involve making some force and using the muscle, since in this way the fat is burned and we get to tone our arms and end the flaccidity.
  • Face and neck: These parts are as important as the others and should work with facial gymnastics.

General Exercises

To maintain a healthy weight and, in passing, reaffirm the skin, it is also good to include in the routine those general cardiovascular exercises such as, for example, walking 30 minutes a day, jogging, cycling  or walking the dog, among others. All the movements that imply a physical effort are contributing to increase the metabolism and to prevent future accumulations of fat in the parts already worked.

Avoid Exposure to UV Rays

“The sun and the tanning chambers expose the skin to a weakening by UV rays, which diminish its elasticity and collagen”.

Ideally, avoid these types of habits and protect yourself with the use of sunscreens, hats or clothing that cover the skin, among others.

Drink More Water

Drinking enough water a day is one of the best ways to hydrate the skin and improve its elasticity so that it has more capacity to adapt to the changes that are suffered when losing weight. It is estimated that women should drink about two liters of water a day, while men can drink up to three. It is good to distribute your intake throughout the day, every so often, without overdoing drinking all the water in a moment, because in this way the water does not hydrate our body.

Hydrate the Skin

Daily use of creams moisturizers is also a great support to combat sagging and improve skin tone quickly. Combining creams and physical activity is the best option. It is recommended to choose those products that contain coenzyme Q10, collagen, retinol or elastin, as these reaffirm and, incidentally, prevent wrinkles.

Consume More Proteins

Protein-rich foods combined with carbohydrates help increase physical performance and the body’s ability to achieve greater energy expenditure.

Among the recommended ones stand out

  • The blue fish
  • The chicken
  • The lentils
  • The soy
  • The chickpeas
  • The eggs

Exfoliate Regularly

One of the purposes of exfoliation is to remove dead skin cells to improve their appearance and prevent dark spots. However, this treatment also has a decisive role as a stimulus for circulation since it contributes to improving it in a short time. When we stimulate the circulation of an area of ​​the body that is not well irrigated, we favor the ability of our body to modify that area.


  • Prepare a mixture of coarse salt with two tablespoons of coconut oil and apply it with gentle circular massages for the desired areas.



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How to End the Flaccidity that Appears when Losing Weight?
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