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Does Eating Grapefruit helps you to Lose Weight ?


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Thanks to its minimal contribution of calories and the large amount of fiber it contains, grapefruit helps us to reduce anxiety about food. It is said that in some diets to lose weight recommend eating grapefruit and increase their consumption. However, these claims are not entirely true, since grapefruit is not 100% calorie free. And he does not have a special ability to burn that excess fat either. However, it is proven that their calorie content is minimal and that their fiber intake can contribute to reduce anxiety about food, which translates into lower carbohydrate intake. So … Eat grapefruit to help you lose weight? The answer is relative if concepts and investigations are taken into account.

What the Study says about Eating Grapefruit

Scientists at the Scrippsen San Diego Clinic in the United States carried out a study in which they concluded that the simple fact of eating grapefruit and including their juice in the diet can contribute to losing weight, as long as they have other good habits. For the test data were taken from 100 people with obesity that was divided into three groups:

  • The first group ate half a grapefruit before each main meal (three times a day).
  • The second drank the citrus juice before each meal.

In a period of 12 weeks, the results showed that the participants who ate grapefruit managed to lower an aVerage of 3.6 pounds (1.6 kg). For their part, those who drank the juice managed to lose 3.3 pounds (1.5 kg). And those that did not include it in any way had a minimum reduction of 0.5 pounds (0.22 kg). But, in addition to weight loss, the researchers also noticed a very important benefit in the patients who consumed the fruit during the research period. Their insulin levels also dropped, indicating control of blood sugar levels and fat metabolism.

In What Sense can Grapefruit Contribute to Lose Weight?

The researchers agree that grapefruit should not be said to be a “fat burning” fruit. Because in itself it is not. What they agree is to believe that it has some plant compounds that reduce insulin levels, promoting weight loss. The relationship between elevated insulin levels and weight gain is narrower than many may think. To begin with, when insulin increases it may be because the body is not using sugar as energy, which increases the accumulation of fat. On the other hand, it can also make the person feel hungrier during the day and see the need to eat more calories.

How to Eat Grapefruit to Lose Weight?

It is very likely that when consulting how to include grapefruit in the diet to get to lose weight, we come across the famous “miracle diets”.

“It is very important to be very careful since these diets can have serious side effects on health”.

As the popular “rebound effect “, if they are not well designed. The best way to take advantage of the benefits is by including it as a support for a healthy eating plan. One that meets the nutritional requirements that the body needs and suppresses those foods that is not as recommended. The fruit can be eaten before each main meal or in juice several times a day. In addition to this, a plan of physical exercises should be adopted that contributes to accelerate the metabolism.

Contraindications of Grapefruit

Flavonoids, such as furanocoumarins, present in grapefruit could block the enzyme in the intestines, so it should be consumed in moderation and under medical supervision. The consumption of this fruit is discouraged if we are taking certain medications, since it could have an unfavorable reaction.

These include:

  • Antihistamines
  • Analgesics
  • The suppressors of the immune system
  • Medications for impotence

By eating grapefruit taking such medications could decrease or increase the effects of them. In addition, in some people it can also cause heartburn, gastritis or discomfort from ulcers. Do not forget that the best mechanism to lower body fat is to have a balanced diet accompanied by physical activity.


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Does Eating Grapefruit helps you to Lose Weight ?
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